Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lieutenant Penelope Klein, RN, MSN

Finally, after two years, Penelope was getting back into space. According to her doctor there wouldn't be a better chance then this for years to come. Plus, Starfleet Medical had made quite the compelling argument that her expertise was going to waste making sure elective surgery patients didn't wander out of recovery. Her counter argument that she was demonstratively unfit for active service had been disregarded. So now she was tugging at the collar of her ill fitting dress uniform.

Damn thing was too tight at the collar and maybe a little tight in the chest. No time to fix that now, Penelope decided, Captain Adams had called a staff meeting that she was already late to. Patting herself down, the few medals she wore were properly attached, skirt wasn't riding up just yet, sleeves covered scars (more or less). Sighing, she checked her hair clip too, holding her auburn hair back over to cover her sickly pale.

Exiting her quarters, apparently the Lex had the space to spare for individual quarters for a Lieutenant, Penelope searched for the nearest lift. Ah, there it was. Taking a few brisk steps across the hallway, she dodged a passing service tech to reach her immediate destination. Securing a handle she twisted it forcefully before proclaiming, "Port airlock." A pain to have to leave the ship to report to a lounge to meet her fellow staff officers.... from the ship she'd just left.
Penelope slumped against the wall outside what she sincerely hoped was the right door. Checking her watch, she decided she wasn't so late, plus her position wasn't vital enough to have delayed any important discussion. Standing back up straight, Penelope entered the room fully expecting to confront a small mob of chattering officers. Instead there were two. Just... two. A man in a Captain's dress uniform who was joined by a Commander in science or medical blue. Maybe this was her mysterious boss? Well, she'd let them finish talking before interjecting herself.

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