Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doctor Brianna Summers

[On Earth]

"Me, a C-M-O? And of a Constitution Class Starship?" Brianna said in disbelief. "Please tell me you're kidding."

"Nope." Admiral Williams said with a smile. "Congradulations Doctor Summers."

"Wha...why?" Brianna continued to stare at this man in disbelief.

"A personal favor of sorts."

Brianna shook her head, "No, No, No, No, No, No, No...absolutely No!"

Six months, almost to this day, the Admiral had been misdiagnoised as having Saurian Fever. If he'd taken the medication, that was wrongly prescribed to him, he would've died. Brianna happen to notice the mistake, quickly got ahold the Admiral mere seconds before he was about to take his first deadly dosage.

"It's a choice assignment." he reassured her.

"I don't want a space assignment!" she protested. "I'm happy on Earth, in Sol...close to home." The home she was talking about was New Berlin, Luna otherwise known as the Moon. "I'm too young."

The last part she may have been right about. She was only two years out of Starfleet medical. To put her in such a positon, with no space experience, seemed proposterious to her.

"The original guy we had lined up retired on us. We don't have many options, you're available and I personally put you in the spot." Admiral Williams' voice was massive. The tone of it alone told Brianna she was stuck.

"And you didn't even consult me?"

"No, I didn't need too. I know you're a great doctor, you saved my life for crying out loud!"

"But..." She didn't want to admit it but the very idea of space travel made her queesy. She joined Starfleet, not to travel space, but to instead work at the Starfleet Sol instalations. Never in a million years did she expect she'd have to actually leave the solar system.

"I know, this is all new and scary to you Doctor, but you're the best of the available medical personal we have."

"But..." Brianna still was in disbelief.

"I'll make a deal with you Doctor. Give the assignment a month or so, or at least until the completion of the first mission. If you're still unhappy we'll find a replacement."


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